A Spring 13th Birthday Portrait Session at Medina Public Square in Medina, Ohio

Warm temperatures are FINALLY here! There’s green outside again and the flowers are blooming… ahhhh… it’s a wonderful thing! Sure, now the lawn needs mowed every week, and the rain has made an almost daily appearance for weeks, but it’s nice that nature’s watering the plants for me, and Bret mows the lawn, so it’s been working out quite well for me, haha!

The times I don’t appreciate the rain are when it threatens to derail a portrait session! There was a decent chance of storms the morning we met with this young lady, her mom, and their furry pup for her 13th Birthday shoot, but the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! We had a blast with this sweet girl as we celebrated her new teenager status!

We really underestimated the difficulty in getting these balloons to cooperate!

We really underestimated the difficulty in getting these balloons to cooperate!

I tell you, I don’t know if it’s due to our cell phone/technology culture that was only barely beginning to develop when I was a teenager, or if it’s just because I was a pretty awkward kid, but I am impressed by all the young people we are photographing who have amazing instincts in front of the camera. This beautiful girl right here shone like a star! Seriously, with just the smallest bit of direction she was posing like a pro!! I always think I must seem kind of cuckoo at portrait sessions because I get so charged up and excited when everything comes together so perfectly… it’s truly one of the few times when my usual introverted nature is overpowered by extroverted enthusiasm! It zaps my energy (fellow introverts, can you relate?) but I love, love, LOVE it so much, and I know Bret does too!! We get so much out of the time with our clients… it’s a true gift to be able to serve others this way!

And can we just talk about how cute their dog is?! While she may not have been too excited about posing for us, she looked like a show dog while doing it, haha… and some of my favorites from the day are the ones where she’s giving her best friend some puppy cuddles & kisses!

We’ve known this young lady her entire life. It boggles the mind that she is now a teenager, but WOW, what a remarkable person she is! We know there are amazing things ahead FOR her and FROMher!!

Here are some of our favorites…Enjoy!

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