MARISA + RYAN – A Countryside Spring Wedding at The Lodge at Allardale County Park in Medina, Ohio

It was great to be back at Allardale for Marisa & Ryan’s big day! We could not have asked for more beautiful weather… it was one of the first truly sunny spring days of the year, and it couldn’t have picked a better day to arrive!

We love when a wedding day comes together smoothly for our Wiley Couples. Marisa and Ryan were cool as cucumbers when we arrived, and it wasn’t until those last few minutes before the ceremony that a few excited nerves crept in (but seriously, I’d bet there are very few brides and grooms that don’t feel at least a tiny bit nervous before saying ‘I do”!). It’s one of the many sweet moments we are grateful to be a part of behind the scenes. We are witnesses to incredibly significant events that our couples will think back to for the rest of their lives! It’s really quite remarkable and a true gift for us… it sure doesn’t feel like ‘work’!

There were several moments throughout Marisa & Ryan’s wedding day that stood out like this. Another happened when this sweet little flower girl experienced her own nerves when it came time to walk down the aisle. Her pretty flower crown just didn’t want to stay put once she got walking, and the big, big responsibility of dropping petals in front of all the guests hit this sweetheart hard. But she looked so precious all the while!! My momma heart really feels for these tiny people with their big feelings! Having our own tiny people at home, I’m so attuned to their feelings, and my heart went out to this girl during her anxious trip down a stretch of grass that probably felt miles long! Fortunately, she was able to get her hands on her favorite stuffed friend and felt much better in short order. We were even able to get her in a few portraits after the ceremony… and she had a blast running around the rest of day!

An unexpected guest also made it out for Marisa & Ryan – Marisa’s great-grandmother! Marisa hadn’t expected her to feel well enough to attend, but the weather wasn’t the only thing that worked out beautifully for their wedding! I just think about how important these portraits will be for Marisa and the entire family in the years ahead, and I’m again thankful for what we’re a part of through our business.

Now there were two furry family members who weren’t in attendance but did get represented in spirit – Marisa & Ryan’s cat & dog! If you recall their engagement session, their dog Jazz WAS in attendance that day and took center stage for quite a few portraits - and sported a dashing bow tie too! But for wedding day, the two of them stayed home. Marisa’s dad, however, wanted them to be represented, so he created cardboard cutouts of them both and surprised Marisa by placing them at the head table! It was a very thoughtful gift, and he was so excited for her to see them (say it with me…Awwww!)!

Later, at the reception, I caught Ryan doing something that seems to be universal among grooms post-ceremony… fidgeting with his ring! I LOVE seeing that! For brides, they often have many months of wearing an engagement ring, so they’re used to the feel of it on their left hand come wedding day, and the additional band doesn’t feel unusual. But for grooms, time and time again I see them twisting and playing with their wedding band. Most often it doesn’t even seem that they’re aware they are doing it, and you know it’s going to be several days or more before that little gesture subsides!

Congratulations to this sweet couple that we have loved getting to know! We thank you for entrusting us with your memories!! we hope you enjoy looking through our favorites from the day!!


Thank you Marisa & Ryan! And Congratulations!

Ceremony & Reception Venue | THE LODGE AT ALLARDALE

Bride & Bridesmaids Dresses | DAVID’S BRIDAL

Groom & Groomsmen Attire | AMERICAN COMMODORE


Catering | Old Carolina BBQ


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