Katy + Brian - A Summer Engagement Session Among Wildflowers at Brecksville Reservation in Brecksville, Ohio

Do you have a favorite holiday? I don’t think I do… although the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year season is something I get excited about every year, especially since we’ve become parents. We spend a lot of time with family, I oftentimes flex my crafting muscles to create gifts for loved ones, and seeing the joy on our kids’ faces throughout all the excitement this time of year brings… well, that’s by far my favorite! It’s kind of crazy to think that season is fast approaching (seriously, anyone else feel like 2019 is moving at warp speed?)! But unlike most retail stores, I don’t really start thinking about holiday preparations until those months actually roll around. I certainly don’t want to miss out on the rest of summer thinking about what’s coming in the colder months! I mean, it’s Ohio… we get like 6 months of winter here, why rush it?!

So, what IS on my mind right now? Katy & Brian’s wedding that’ll be here next month! Spending an evening with them recently for their engagement session was incredibly fun and enjoyable, and it was great for Bret and me to see them again since it had been many months since our initial meeting in Starbucks! I remember how easy our conversation was when we first met. We started talking about this happy time in their lives, how all the planning was coming along so far, what it looks like to weave photography services throughout the day… and our 1-1.5 hour meeting FLEW by! I honestly couldn’t believe how fast the time went because we just enjoyed their company!

It was exactly the same at their engagement session! After the initial awkwardness EVERY couple feels in those first few minutes in front of our cameras (because really, how often do you stand in your significant other’s arms for extended periods of time with your faces inches from each other as someone instructs you where to look, whether to smile or not, when to share a kiss and even when to start walking? Of course it’s gonna be awkward for a bit!) they began to have fun with it! And they were nailing poses with the first clicks of our shutters despite any nerves! We were quickly chatting and laughing as we moved through the session, and towards the end of our time we asked them to share their proposal story. Have I mentioned I love proposal stories?? Maybe a time or two, hahaha!

Remember how I mentioned I don’t really have ONE favorite holiday? Well, Katy does! It’s St. Patrick’s Day! And who else knows that? Brian does! He proposed to her the morning of her favorite holiday which I think is so sweet!! Not much of a spoiler that she said yes (because, hello! wedding photographer here!), but they then got to share the news right away with all their friends and family that they saw throughout the day’s celebrations… how FUN! And in a few weeks’ time, they are going to be getting married! That’s just never not exciting to me!

Katy & Brian – we hope you’re cherishing these final days of your engagement because it truly is a special time in your lives. We hope all the final preparations are coming together with as little stress as possible. And while we know our excitement about your wedding day cannot begin to touch all the excitement you’re feeling, we’re thrilled and honored that we’re going to get to play a role in making your day special and memorable!!