MARIA + ADAM - An Outdoor Summer Wedding at Henry's Barn at The North Star Preserve in Oberlin, Ohio

There were so many beautiful moments throughout Maria & Adam’s wedding day that left us feeling all the warm and fuzzies on the drive home.

It was a beautiful summer day… a hot one for sure, but with a bright, sunny sky with big, puffy clouds passing through and an occasional breeze (so thankful for that breeze when it showed up!). We are always thrilled when the weather cooperates for outdoor weddings… so much planning goes into this day! Our Bride & Groom - TRULY kind, thoughtful people you’d be beyond fortunate to have in your corner – provided these colorful paper fans for their guests which I know were appreciated… if I’d had a third hand, I would’ve snagged one for myself!  The vivid wildflower florals perfectly evoked the natural romance of summertime along with the grasses and leaves whispering in the wind and the water tinkling from the fountain in the lake. With all the white chairs lined up and occupied by their loved ones looking on as Maria & Adam exchanged vows and rings… well how can you do anything but get swept up in all that beauty and happiness!

Oh, but wait, I’m just getting started! Since we had taken all Maria & Adam’s portraits prior to the ceremony after their first look (including Family Formals!), we were able to be present for the entirety of cocktail hour – and so were the Newlyweds which was VERY important to them. We learned quite quickly that having so many of the people they care about surrounding them in celebration was the most important aspect of the day, second only to them becoming husband and wife! And when things transitioned to the reception, Maria & Adam kicked off the toasts with one of their own, expressing how much it meant to them to have everyone there, and that when they look back on their wedding day in the years ahead, being with their guests will be what made it so special for them. (I told you, they’re AWESOME people… there’s no doubt after hearing that!)

And the love just kept coming! There were toasts from Adam’s brother AND Maria’s brother (perhaps not surprisingly, filled with more jokes and loving jabs than the others), as well as from Adam’s stepmother and Maria’s father. Let’s just say that by the time the sweet Father of the Bride was nearing the end of his toast, I was shedding some happy tears! You could tell that a lot of thought went into those toasts… and especially with the parents, it was like trying to convey a lifetime of feelings within a few minutes. Not an easy thing to do! And I will forever be in awe of people who can not only stand in front of a large crown and speak with any type of coherence, but to also inject emotion into their words and actually be able to get them out – even if it takes a few emotional pauses here and there! (Fun Fact: I am NOT one of these people… I blubbered through ALL my vows to Bret when we got married. It would’ve been embarrassing if I wasn’t so stinkin’ happy! And just in case you think I’m exaggerating, the officiant stopped me at one point to have me take a couple deep breaths. Didn’t work though, haha!)

 As the night went on, and dinner transitioned into dancing, it was wonderful being there and getting to do this thing we love. And we HAVE to give a special shout-out to Jennifer Alexa Event Planning, LLC… Jennifer, Kyle, Fielding, Gena, you all made this day run smoothly and were so much FUN to work with! We sure wish we were teaming up with you at all our weddings!

 And to our Bride and Groom - Maria, Adam… we are SO thankful to know you and to have been present to photograph your beautiful, love-filled wedding!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Father-Daughter First Look! Love these!!

First time seeing his bride!

Adam has such a funny sense of humor, so we had to include one of these moments when he was cracking us up!


Bride’s Dress | A BRIDE’S DESIGN

Groom’s Attire | RRFREESTYLE






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