A Sunny, Summer Family Session at Mugrage Park in Medina, Ohio

We love meeting new families through our business! We have an especially soft spot for this family because it was their first time having a professional family portrait session, and we know what that feels like!

Last summer, we went on a family vacation to the Outer Banks. We LOVE the Outer Banks!! It’s totally our scene… relaxed, toes in the sand, eating fresh seafood every night… it is literally my happy place. When I need to let my mind rest and reset, I imagine myself there among all the calming sights, sounds, and smells (my mind is kinda wandering now… mmm the ocean sounds, the salty breeze… oh wait, blog post! Focus, Amber!). And while Bret doesn’t go through the same mental exercise, per se, he loves it there just as much as I do. So, it was a no-brainer when we wanted to take our family on a vacation and have our 1-year-old daughter see the ocean for the first time. (By now you may be wondering why I’m going on and on about the Outer Banks when I’m supposed to be talking about our beautiful family we photographed. I promise, I am going somewhere with this.)

When we were planning our trip, we decided to go all in and hire another professional to photograph our family because 1) beach pictures are gorgeous, and 2) because WE’D NEVER DONE IT BEFORE! That’s right, we have thousands and thousands of pictures of our children, and we’re in a fair number of them, but we’ve always taken them ourselves because, well, you know, we do this for a living! For anyone wondering if a family session is really worth it, we PROMISE you that it is!! There’s no comparison to taking our own portraits of us with our kids and having another professional take the reins. The wonderful Lauren of Studio Nassetta captured beautiful, dreamy beach portraits of our family that we will forever cherish. We’re hooked! We are committed to making this a yearly gift to ourselves and our children (even if we don’t have a big vacation planned). And not only do we know exactly how excited our sweet Wiley Family is to see all these beautiful images of THEIR family, we understand the nerves and unknowns that creep in not knowing what to expect when you’re in front of the camera as opposed to behind it. Are we going to like this person? Am I going to mess up? Are my kids going to cooperate (spoiler alert: our son did NOT enjoy our session until the very end when we started playing in the water. Lauren worked her butt of to get those precious smiles, and we love her for it!).

So, having had our own ‘first time’ experience last fall, we gave this family our A-game in the hopes that they would feel comfortable and confident! But you know what, they are so wonderful and warm and friendly and GREAT at this, that it was easy and FUN! I consider it a personal victory when we’re taking the last portraits of the evening and Dad says “That was an hour? I would’ve guessed a half hour tops!” Often, the dads are along for the ride and the moms are the ones we’ve been conversing with, so when a dad has fun, I do a little happy dance inside! Plus, their animal-loving son had a blast looking for critters around the park (we found a frog, a heron, a rabbit, and – unfortunately – an unknown furry friend that is no longer among the living). And total bonus for me… their daughter is a HUGE Potterhead, so we got to talk HP while we were walking around!!

We say it often, but only because it’s completely true – we LOVE what we do!! Bringing joy to this family (and all our Wiley Families) and creating legacy through photography is why we are so passionate about our clients and our business!!

Until next time, hope you all are staying cool!

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