MARIA + ADAM – A Summer Engagement Session at Huntington Beach in Bay Village, Ohio

We are eternally grateful for beautiful weather and trusting couples who come to a portrait session ready to have faith in our creative ideas and professional knowledge! With Maria and Adam, not only were they up for whatever we had in mind, but our groom-to-be was powering through a knee injury that happened earlier that day during a home improvement project! Talk about commitment… he was up and down stairs, climbing rocks… when we say we are fortunate to work with amazing couples, it is 100% truth!!

Our location was fantastic as well – we had a lush, green park setting as well as a romantic, lakeside beach… so much variety, and we only had to walk up and down a (albeit long – sorry Adam’s knee!) set of concrete steps to get from one to the other! It was a bit chilly (Northeast Ohio has taken its sweet time warming up to the temps we’re used to having in June) but it wasn’t enough to mar the evening, and Bret and I are always happy to have things a bit on the cooler side when we’re working those shutter buttons… it’s the kind of thing that’ll work up a sweat pretty quickly when we’re climbing around, getting in awkward positions, and talking non-stop!

There was one incident during our session, however, that stopped me in my tracks. I was off on my own getting some images of Maria’s beautiful ring while Bret was with Maria & Adam taking portraits. A couple teenage girls walked by and said to me “You might want to watch out over there”. I turned to look where they were pointing, and not 10 feet away, balanced on top of a trash can, was a raccoon just staring right at me! Now I’m sort of a country girl… I prefer wide open fields, long country roads, seeing cows and corn fields out my car window, and knowing that wherever I’m headed I seldom have trouble parking… so a raccoon is hardly a rare site (heck, I’m pretty sure one has taken up residence under our deck). BUT, this moment felt like an old western showdown. I stared at it, and it stared at me, and we just locked eyes for what seemed like a very long time, each wondering what the other would do. Eventually, the raccoon’s hungry tummy overruled any threat I might be, and it grabbed something from the trash (I didn’t see what) and took off for higher ground to enjoy its prize. The moment caught me so off guard that I just laughed and said something clever out loud to myself like “Well that was weird”! I immediately mentally kicked myself for not snapping a pic of this critter, so unfortunately, I don’t have the evidence to accompany my harrowing experience. After that though, it was business as usual!

Even with the occasional raccoon encounter, our favorite part of engagement sessions is always getting to know our couples better. I mean, we of course LOVE being creative and exercising our passion for photography, but these sessions are really the only time we get with our couples one-on-one and in a relaxed setting, and it’s a joy to get to chat and become comfortable with each other. We also get to hear their love stories! We learned that Maria & Adam have actually known of each other since high school but didn’t start down their romantic path until they struck up a friendship at one of their high school reunions… and even then, it was some time after that before they began dating, and now here we are! They’ll be married before the month is out, and we get to be the ones to capture that for them – we love this work!! We are so completely invested in giving our absolute best to each and every one of our clients. We know the importance of what they are entrusting us with, and we do not take that lightly. And while we GIVE so much of ourselves through this business of ours, we also GET so much in return. We get to be a part of others’ journeys. We get to photograph some of the most emotional and significant moments of their lives. That fills us with such purpose! And the time we get with our couples – during both their engagement session and especially on their wedding day- is a joyous gift in our lives! We leave a wedding having hopefully made new friends, and we love getting to stay in touch with them!

Maria & Adam, we are so excited to see you on your wedding day and capture memories you can look back on for a lifetime!!

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