JESSICA + KELLY- A New Year's Eve Wedding at the Berlin Encore Hotel & Suites in Berlin, Ohio

Hi All! It's Amber, and I'm here to share with you another of our Wiley Couples who recently wed!

How did you all ring in the New Year? We spent it celebrating with these two beautiful people! Jessica and Kelly met at the end of the aisle on the last day of 2018 to become husband and wife. And as the countdown began and the ball dropped in Time's Square, we were capturing their first kiss of 2019 as a married couple and celebrating with a champagne toast! The energy between them and among their guests was so uplifting…a true celebration of new beginnings.

There was so much to love about this wedding! As you scroll, you'll be able to see the gorgeous décor and all the beautiful details they incorporated (I mean, those flowers!!). But beyond the décor, what we loved most was being a part of their love story…being the ones who get to capture that story. Time and time again we are humbled and honored to be welcomed into the most intimate moments of our couples’ wedding days. When Jessica and Kelly read their letters to each other after their First Look, you all…I was choked up! It’s hard not to get swept up in all that love, and I welcome it! And the trust our couples put in us…well, it’s something we treasure. Especially in Jessica and Kelly’s case because they trusted us even more than most! Here’s why…

When Jessica first found us in the early stages of their wedding planning, she expressed a desire to have a videographer in addition to a photographer. At the time, we weren't offering videography as a service to our clients...but it had been in the back of our minds as a possibility down the road. We didn't even have a timeline as to how long “down the road” would be, but it was on our “someday” list. Why? Well, because Bret has had a passion and fascination with video since he was quite young, and we knew we'd want that passion to be brought into our business.


To let you all in on a glimpse at that passion, I want to take you back to his childhood days for a moment. Bret saved up his own money and bought a full-size VHS camcorder at the age of 12 (and in case you have no idea what a VHS camcorder looks like, picture one of those big cumbersome-looking things you see field reporters use in movies or on the news, and you're in the ballpark...nothing like the compact video cameras of today!). So once he had his new treasure in hand, he was able to let his big imagination soar! He would make stop-animation films with his toys, and as he got older, would make fun adventure movies with one of the kids he babysat (I've seen them, and they are SO fun!). He even became known in school as the guy you wanted to pair up with for group assignments because if he could get away with it, the project would always be presented as a video. I suppose the advancements and access to technology these days has changed the game quite a bit, so to you it may not seem that extraordinary. But I sure didn't know any other kids like that at the time...and before you start thinking we're super ancient, I'm talking about the early- to mid-nineties here, haha. And in case you can’t tell, I think my hubby is pretty darn talented…so please forgive me gushing about him a bit.

Now, back to our couple! Here's how we know we have the best clients come into our lives...Jessica and Kelly chose to take a leap of faith and hired us to do video for their wedding without us having any professional experience in this area! Sure, we've been videoing our young kiddos since the moment they were born, but nothing on the scale of a wedding, and they took us at our word that we knew we could pull it off. And we DID know we could give them something amazing because we wouldn’t allow anything else!

Leading up to this wedding, we wanted to have a trial run to figure out all the logistical needs. If you’ve been following along with us for a while, you’ll remember another of our sweet Wiley Couples, Molly & Mackenzie. They allowed us to gift them a film of their wedding so that we could get that initial experience under our belt. Videography wasn’t in the budget for them, so we were overjoyed to give them something more than what they’d planned! And what a gift it has been to us because we gained invaluable experience that allowed us to truly give Jessica and Kelly our best at their wedding!

 We hope you all enjoy watching this as much as we did creating it!

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