A Summer Family Session at Hubbard Valley Park in Seville, Ohio

We had a wonderful evening with this family! The weather was gorgeous which got things off to a GREAT start…because let’s face it, this isn’t a situation where ANYONE wants to start melting in the August heat and humidity! We were at a place we love to take families because it’s often less populated than some of our other county parks, and there are numerous great locations. AND the family put their trust in us to go where we wanted to go and try whatever we wanted to try. With all that going for us, how could we have anything other than a session that produces gold?!

One thing we absolutely LOVE about family sessions is getting to interact with the kids…from the so-cute-it’s-almost-painful-to-stop-photographing tiny tots to the teenagers on the brink of adulthood who continually blow us away with their maturity, respect, and fun personalities. In this case, we had both! With the two youngsters, we got to be silly and play (and we all need to be silly and play sometimes!) which helped them relax with us and let their personalities shine through. And with their older sister, we got to be creative with youthful poses that showcase the beautiful, fashionable young woman she is. It truly is non-stop fun for us!

Speaking of fashionable, this family NAILED IT with their wardrobe choices!! During our pre-session communications, we were asked for suggestions on what they should wear for their shoot. We offered some color ideas, ways to mix up outfits to add interest and balance each other…they ticked off every…single…box! The result is that they complement each other without ‘matching’. Each person stands out as an individual, but they look like a set (haha)…like a family. One of these days we’re going to get a ‘what to wear’ guide put together, and I GUARANTEE this family will be in it! In the meantime, if you book a session with us and want a bit of guidance on choosing YOUR outfits, we’ve got tips that will get your family as photo-ready as these five!

Now go be silly and play for a bit!

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