MARISA + RYAN - A Summer Engagement Session at Brecksville Reservation in Brecksville, Ohio

If you’ve stepped outside within the last 48 hours, you might be questioning (like us) whether we’d actually just had a string of very hot, VERY humid days before the constant rain and chilly temps moved in. But thinking back on our recent engagement shoot with Marisa and Ryan, we are indeed reminded of how hot it had been until very recently! Normally we would contemplate rescheduling when conditions become so extreme, but it truly didn’t feel all that intense until we found ourselves down in the lush flora of the Brecksville Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. Surrounded by fairly dense foliage and still air, we felt the full force of the heat and humidity!

Our lovely couple took it all in their stride…they’re amazing! Thankfully, they also fared far better in the heat than we did! But getting to walk the park with them, finding some of their favorite spots (this being a place they often walk with their oh-so-adorable Pomeranian), hearing more about how they met and how they became engaged…that made the heat and humidity fade into the background, hardly a bother at all! We find it so uplifting to be around a couple that exudes love and deep friendship. It’s just one of the many reasons engagement shoots are a blast! It’s also so great to hear the first-hand stories from each of our couples on how they came to be together. They are each unique, and we’re always left feeling warm and fuzzy inside (in this case, having nothing to do with the weather, haha!).

Each wedding day is unique as well, and our engagement sessions give us a preview of what a wonderful time we’re going to have once “I Do” day rolls around. We’re excitedly looking forward to May when these two meet at the altar!

Wishing you lots of warm & fuzzies!

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