A Summer Family Session in Wooster, Ohio

What a wonderful month August has been for us! We photographed the senior boys of one of my (Amber’s) longtime friends, and this is the beautiful family of another!!

The stunning Momma you see here and I go way back to when we were kids. Our grandparents were very good friends who spent many wonderful times camping together, and she is another of my close friends who was by my side as I grew up…a part of so many of my happiest childhood and teenage memories. One of my particular favorites that was something just the two of us would do as teenagers is when we would hop in the car and head to Long John Silvers for an order of hush puppies to share – yum! We’d get a late-night snack fix and have a really great time. While the specific restaurant we went to has long since closed, whenever I’ve had hush puppies now and again (and I still LOVE them!), I’m brought back to those fond, fond times with my friend.

It makes me so happy to look through these images! My friend has a wonderful family full of love, her own thriving business, and a beautiful new home! They so recently moved, in fact, that the day we photographed them they were still surrounded by boxes! So Bret and I were fortunate to not only photograph the family of someone I hold very dear in my heart, but to also have the privilege of marking this occasion for them. What an honor!!

When we arrived for their session, my friend said she wanted to keep it casual. As you can imagine, they had been very busy with the move and didn’t want their session experience to be formal with a lot of stiff poses. This was perfect! Relaxed and ‘as you are’ is how we LOVE to photograph families! A lot of hugs, a lot of smiles and laughs, a lot of in-the-moment interactions…it’s what we’re all about!

So enjoy some of our favorites of the day, and we hope their happiness brightens your day like it does ours!

Wishing YOU happy days,

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