A Summer Family Session at Hubbard Valley Park in Seville, Ohio

We enjoyed a perfectly pleasant evening with this young family! We had a beautiful, breezy summer evening, amazing golden light…and a tiny blue-eyed sweetie keeping us so entertained it was difficult to stop taking pictures of her! It’s so easy to get pulled in to the wonders of a child. For her, a blade of grass was a joyful discovery to be plucked from the ground and shared with us…and we ate up her delightful attention! It’s the kind of moment we feel compelled to capture (and we have thousands of pictures of our own kiddos to prove it!).

But it’s not only the little ones that drive our passion for photography. This peanut came with her loving parents who chose to give her the gift of documenting their family as they are today, in this moment. It’s a gift she’ll be able to enjoy again and again throughout her life. They made the comment that they wanted these images for her, and we are so honored to be who they entrusted with making it a reality. It was important to us that we, of course, captured this beautiful girl, but that we also captured the love her parents have for her. The kisses, the smiles, the snuggles…it always feels magical for us to witness behind the camera.

You may have noticed when we posted their preview on Facebook that we included the hashtag #lifelovelegacy. We spent some time during our winter hiatus really thinking about who we are as photographers…what we’re trying to say with our work. These three words – life, love, legacy – best describe that. We’ll talk more about these words in the future as we fully rollout a rebranding of our business (a very thoughtful rebranding that conveys an overall feel and voice that matches who we are), but it felt like the right time to introduce our Life-Love-Legacy mission. With all our clients, we are passionate about capturing the essence of Life and the beauty of Love…and about contributing to their Legacy.  

Wishing You Love & Joy!

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