ROSEMARIE & JOHN – A Summer Engagement Session at Mugrage Park in Medina, OH

We love meeting new clients! We have so many wonderful people cross our path thanks to this business of ours. Working for wedding clients is especially exciting because we get to spend so much time with them!

Oftentimes the engagement session is the first time we meet our bride and groom in person. When the day finally arrives, we are filled with bubbling anticipation of the fun we’re going to have! The engagement session is our ‘first date’ with them, so to speak. We get to know them quite a bit more, and they get to know us and how we work. They are introduced to our posing style, our energy level (hint: it’s enthusiastic!), and a preview of what it’ll be like with us on their wedding day. This session is SO important because it gives our bride and groom the chance to feel comfortable with us. We are at our couple’s side nearly every minute of their wedding day, and we get to be a constant, grounding presence on a day that moves FAST. Getting time with them in a calm, relaxed setting for their engagement session is a real pleasure for us, and we strive to make it the same for them!

Rosemarie and John are incredibly fun people to be around! The smiles came easily and often…from them and us! We learned they got engaged in Scotland (um, so romantic, right?!) and have such a warm, happy aura about them that we couldn’t feel anything but joyful in their company. The weather was definitely in our favor with light, refreshing breezes, moderate temperatures, colorful summer flowers, and gorgeous evening light. We came away from this session with beautiful images that we feel capture their genuine selves, and we felt creatively invigorated by our time with them…excitedly anticipating their wedding in October! You’ll be seeing more of them soon!

Joyful Wishes!

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