There’s something about athletes. The determination…the commitment…the focus…and for many, the competition. While we’ll freely admit we are not avid sports spectators, we do appreciate the drive of an athlete and value the many wonderful character-building opportunities that come from being a part of a team. Today we’re sharing photos from a recent shoot with a great bunch of girls who rock it on the softball field! Our approach was to go beyond simply capturing softball players in their uniforms, but to get to the core of these young athletes and glimpse that toughness that drives competition on the field. And oh my, these girls brought it! We love their expressions that say we ARE athletes…we ARE tough…we ARE determined. Seriously, goosebumps! Keep hittin’ ‘em out of the park, Lady Bucks!

Sports photography has gotten under our skin and taken hold! Can’t wait for the next opportunity!

Play Hard!

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