JESSICA + KELLY - A Summer Engagement Session at Quail Hollow Park in Hartville, Ohio

Brrrr! Hard to believe that when we shot Jessica & Kelly’s engagement session a few weeks back that it was warm and sunny! The fall weather has certainly brought with it a quick drop in temperature…I’m sitting here sipping on a cup of hot tea with lemon just to take the chill off!

Now…enough about the weather and on to the good stuff! We had been eagerly anticipating this engagement session with Jessica & Kelly, and we’re SO EXCITED to share!! Bret had met with them for the initial consultation many months ago, and we’ve been chatting back and forth periodically with our gorgeous bride since, so I could hardly stand the wait to get to meet them in person too! It was an awesome evening!

We’ll NEVER tire of the beautiful evolution of our clients’ confidence that unfolds during our first session with them. As with almost every client we meet who is experiencing a photography session for the first time, their initial trepidation is apparent as soon as we say our hellos. And the first thing we tell them all is that it’s OK to be nervous and unsure, and that there will certainly be a brief period of awkwardness. But it is our #1 PRIORITY to guide them through that awkwardness and show our clients that they can do this…and not only can they do this, but they can ROCK IT! And without a DOUBT, Jessica & Kelly ROCKED THEIR SHOOT! They were dressed to impress and looked AMAZING, so Bret and I knew this was going to be gold from the get-go. And by the end of the session we had them doing dips and lifts…talk about getting to the finish line, right!?! I’m so glad we don’t have too long to wait for their wedding because we just did not want to stop shooting these two!!

AND, not only will we be doing the photography for their wedding, but videography as well…AND this is a NEW YEAR’S EVE wedding, GAH! It’s going to be an epic night!! You all are going to LOVE what’s to come!!!

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