LAUREL & PAUL - An Intimate, Summer Wedding with Vintage Flair at the Wade Memorial Chapel in Cleveland, Ohio & White Oaks Restaurant in Westlake, Ohio

Another FABULOUS wedding in the books! Our lovely newlyweds, Laurel and Paul, incorporated so many unique and stylish touches that creative inspiration abounded for Bret (who flew solo for this one…and yep, I’m VERY jealous to have missed it!).

First, their intimate ceremony was held at the Wade Memorial Chapel in Cleveland’s Lake View Cemetery. A cemetery…different, right? But oh my, this historic little chapel is GORGEOUS! Its neoclassical architecture provided a stunning backdrop, including a HUGE Tiffany glass window glowing behind them as they said ‘I do’. And their officiant? Our kind of people…she made sure Bret was right in the mix for all the good stuff! Her husband’s a fellow photog, so she gets it, and the images Bret was able to capture are easily among our all-time favorite ceremony shots!!

Second, they were transported from their ceremony to reception in a bright red ’66 Mustang! The striking red combined with the bride’s exposed tattoos, and their stunning wedding attire (I mean come on, the bride wore a birdcage veil and the groom is sporting a bowtie! So chic & stylish!!)…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Third, their reception was held at the incredibly charming White Oaks restaurant that’s been voted the #1 Best Romantic Restaurant in Cleveland every year since 2013. And as if that weren’t enough of a draw, this restaurant also has a fascinating, unlawful past that included distribution of illegal spirits and rumors of high-stakes gambling for those who rebelled in the age of prohibition!

Fourth, they had a live band! This is just not a common occurrence these days, and it’s something we wish would come back in favor for weddings!! The music from a live band creates such a strong atmosphere for celebration and fun! (I mentioned how bummed I am to have missed all this, right?) But I do have to take a moment here to brag on my talented hubby…these first dance shots he captured are GORGEOUS!!! Again, up there with our favorites of all time!

Congratulations to the newlyweds!! You did it your way, and it turned out absolutely AMAZING!!

Stay True to You!

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