CASSANDRA + BRYAN - A Summer Engagement Session on the Square in Medina, Ohio & at Lakewood Park in Cleveland, Ohio

Hello readers! We are back after a busy and fun-filled September to catch you up on our comings and goings! Blogging temporarily took a back seat while we enjoyed some wonderful family time. Our little firecracker turned one year old (Yikes! Where’d the time go??), and we took an AWESOME beach vacation where we did nothing but play in the sand with our babies, enjoy the amazing surf from our oceanfront view, ate fresh seafood everyday…and, oh yeah, took a CRAZY number of photos of it all!

And while we took a brief break from blogging, Wiley Photography was still very busy behind the scenes! We have a lot to catch you all up on, and we’re starting with this AMAZINGLY FUN engagement session!!

We knew the INSTANT we met Cassandra and Bryan that we were going to have a blast together! We started off the first of their TWO sessions with the urban decay vibe so many of us love, and we are so excited about the results!! This couple was so easy to pose that - we kid you not - they would often do what we wanted them to do before we even asked for it! That meant we were able to do A LOT during their session, and by the time we moved on to our second location, Bret and I were experiencing creative nirvana…these two were up for anything! Oh, and the second location of the day? The place they had their first date…at the exact same table…ADORABLE! And for our final minutes together that first evening, we just had to pop across the street to the exact same bench where they met for the very first time and shook hands (handshake recreation included below, haha!).

For their second session, Bret met them at Lakewood Park for a sunrise session - so FUN! Cassandra really wanted photos of them at this location because they’ve visited many times to watch the sun rise and set over the city! Say it with me now….AWWW!!! These two just emanate love, it’s a pleasure to witness. Many times we had to ask Bryan to look towards the camera because all he wanted to do was look and smile at his stunning bride to be! (Yeah, heart melting over here!)

Oh! And as you scroll through, note their SWEET tattoos and how they add amazing pop to these images!!

We hope you find what makes YOU pop today!

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