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Bret Wiley

My dad bought me my first serious camera when I was 12, back in the days of 35mm film.  It was a Sigma SA-7, and it mostly just confused me at first; however, my dad showed me how to get it going, how to load and rewind the film, and how to shoot pictures.  Together, me, him, and that camera took a lot of trips, photographing Yosemite Valley, Mt. McKinley (from an airplane), the Arizona desert, New Orleans, Mt. St. Helens, and too many other places to count. 

I later studied photography at the University of Akron, learning how to develop film and shoot images to tell a story.  Somewhere in there, the world switched to digital and I jumped on the new technology.  Finally, we were free to really play with the camera without being limited to 24 pictures per roll!  I do sometimes miss the more intimate aspects of film, but I don't miss the smell of the chemicals or all that time spent waiting for film to develop.

My wife and I photographed our first wedding for a family friend in 2006, and immediately fell in love with the process.  Other weddings and portraits followed, the cameras got better, the lenses got better, and here we are.  After our son came along, we finally decided to make the leap to calling this a business, but it really remains what it has been all along - a passion, an art, and  an opportunity to have fun and really help couples, families, and friends make and keep great memories.